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Workshops & Virtual Webinars


 FNEAA is pleased to invite you to register in our upcoming virtual webinars.


The First Nations Education Administrators Association (FNEAA) offers several professional development webinars designed for First Nations Education Administrators and organizations, based on their needs and priorities. The FNEAA course webinars are offered using the Zoom Platform.


These webinar courses consist of two-day webinars (broken into four 2.5-hour sessions) and four-day webinars (broken into eight 2.5-hour sessions). All scheduled webinars will be delivered in blocks of two sessions that will run from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST with a 30-minute break in between each session. Learn from the convenience of your own home, from anywhere across the country.


6 New Webinars: 

1. Innovation for First Nations Education Reconciliation 

2. Achieving Personal Excellence in Education (Emotional Intelligence) 

3. First Nations Education Agreements 

4. Negotiating First Nations Education Agreements 

5. First Nations Education Governance 

6. First Nations Education Leadership 

2 Popular Webinars: 

7. Finding and Hiring the Best Talent 

8. Taking Corrective Action 

FNEAA staff will work with you to make arrangements to deliver a course webinar to your staff and elected leaders at a time that is convenient to you.


For more information see our Virtual Webinar Page.

FNEAA Services

Measuring & Evaluating

FNEAA has a team of professionals who have the knowledge and experience to provide quality measurement and evaluation services. The team produces tools and materials that both meet the highest standard of excellence and cultural relevancy.

Evaluation services offered include the following.
  • Program evaluation
  • Test item construction (quizzes and examinations) for certification
  • Assessment of competency alignment with learning objectives and assignments
  • Pilot and course evaluation
  • Development of templates to measure success

Design & Delivery

FNEAA has in-house expertise to design, develop, and deliver capacity building courses or workshops that meet the unique needs and requirements of First Nations communities and First Nations education administrators. FNEAA staff have successfully undertaken research, development, and delivery of First Nations training, certification, and education workshops. This includes a wide range of topics including administration, management and cultural programming for First Nations education.

These services include the following.

  • Program, course and workshop design and development
  • Facilitation services

Toolkits & Templates

FNEAA has a professional team that can develop and create toolkits and templates for First Nations education administrators on a wide range of topics. The methodology to design and develop tools and templates include engagement, co-development and design that meet the unique needs of First Nations education administrators and communities. Toolkits and templates could meet a wide range of needs: such as COVID-19 standards, online instruction for teachers and parents, proposal writing, strategic planning, work planning, keeping school First Schools clean and safe, etc.

Examples of services include the following.

  • Development of organizational plans, charts, or templates
  • Development of template for proposal writing
  • Development of Human Resources workplan templates
  • Development of employee policy and procedures templates

Gather & Share

FNEAA has the capacity to set up different types of gathering and meeting venues in-person and using virtual platforms for First Nations education administrators. It is extremely important for our members to have a safe space to gather together, to share and discuss controversial and challenging topics that impact their lives. It is space where light can be shed on what works and what does not work based on the variety of experiences of participants.

Examples of gathering include the following.

  • First Nations cultural and traditional gatherings in-person and via virtual platforms
  • Special interest gatherings on reconciliation
  • Virtual townhall gatherings
  • Webinars
  • Gatherings on hot topics in-person and via virtual platforms